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~ directed by: Jac Kessler

For Kessler's follow-up film to the gritty and macabre Dyscrasia, it was time to showcase a Dark Comedy. Influenced heavily by the fast paced dialogue found in Howard Hawk's His Girl Friday (starring Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant) paired with the ever argumentative couple, John and Blanche Bickerson from the 'Old Time Radio' comedy series, The BickersonsKessler dove into writing the script. What was intended to be a relatively short concept quickly developed into what would become PMC's third long form short-film. This one delivers a twisted blend of heart and madness sure to keep one guessing.















Mia Dietrich makes her PMC acting  debut as 'Mickie', the relatively reasonable wife to Douglas who is not about to settle for anything less than what is required to put their marriage on a mutual track. 

Rounding off Tryst's principal cast is Nate Shumate as Tom, the

charmingly bizarre semi-professional within an organization truly fitting for the world of Tryst. Additionally, Adrian Blackwell and Erin Oechsel star.

It's safe to say that things go a bit array, and then some. Will Mickie's and Douglas' bickering distract them from the true horrors of the evening, or will they work together in order to survive? Check back for updates as Tryst is on it's way to Festivals -- maybe one near you!















Sean Orlosky, as Douglas, returns to PMC after having lent his voice-acting skills in Dyscrasia as one of the Plague Doctor's 'humors'. Here, he's your everyday uptight, misunderstood hubby who is ever firm in his convictions that everyone, except him, is the crazy one. 

Teaser Trailer #1

Teaser Trailer #2

Sneak Peak - Behind the Scenes 

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