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'Popsy' is a Stephen King short story from the book "Nightmares & Dreamscapes." Pale Moonlight Cinema was fortunate enough to get the rights to the story through the Stephen King Dollar Baby Program, and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, began production the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 2018. Production continued throughout early 2019, and the film is on its way to a festival run as of Summer 2019. The process was unforgettable and we are excited to see our the film grabs audiences.


Telling the tale of Briggs Sheridan, a desperate gambler pushed to the edge and willing to abduct children in order to pay off his debt, the PMC "Popsy" featured the acting talent of long time PMC friend and collaborator Alex Dunning (Sheridan) and, in her first acting role ever, nine-year-old Nadia Fancher. Also joining the cast is Ted Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-man Trilogy, Darkman) in the role of Mr. Reggie - the man responsible for planting the notion within Sheridan's means to debt repayment. Rounding out the talented cast, and returning to PMC, is Barry McMullen, as Mr. Wizard, and Greg Gasman, as the title-character and loving grandfather, 'Popsy.'

Filmed in various locations in the state of Indiana over the course of ​several months, 'Popsy' is a culmination of dozens of dedicated cast and crew, the help of family and friends, and lovers of King and horror from all of the United States.  

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