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Starting in 2015, Dyscrasia's ultimate outcome was likely far from anyone's imagination. Originally conceived as a 'shorter' short film (under the title Plague Doctor) Cinematographer and Executive Producer R. Aaron Webster was on the hunt for a Director, eventually settling on Kessler. Together, Webster and Kessler brought reenvisioned flesh to the film's concept and with Kessler's modified script, Production began.


Over seven to eight shooting days later the film (shot on 35mm) was ready for Sound Designer Matt Cutshaw to apply his unique approach to the creation of what would become the voice of the Plague Doctor. Stars Bridget Murray and Taylor Watkins, along with voice talents Sean Orlosky, Beau Thompson, and Barry McMullen gathered for ADR, while Cutshaw and Abigail Urbik (Producer and 2nd Unit Assistant Director) worked on Foley. Finally, the film was ready.


Dyscrasia began it's festival circuit

in the early summer of 2017 and

has seen success in various

festivals, winning Kessler

Best Director at the Indianapolis

HorrorHound Film Festival, with the

film receiving nominations for

Best Short, BEST SFX, and

Best Actress as well.


While nothing could have fully

prepared the crew for the level of dedication Dyscrasia ultimately demanded, the experience opened many doors for Pale Moonlight, strengthened existing bonds, and created new ones. It was certainly a valuable lesson in perseverance. 

















Check out Michael Haberfelner's review of the film, here.



Dyscrasia Laurel Poster.jpg

~ directed by: Jac Kessler

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