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Beau Valentine Thompson emerged as a graduate from the depths of Ball State University in 2011 with a diploma in Creative Writing in one hand and tens of thousands of dollars of debt in the other. After an unsuccessful bank robbery career, he now pursues more artistic... well, pursuits such as writing, drawing, and occasionally acting. Sometimes he does one of these things on camera but never all three at once! He also loves cats. Not in an Alf way, though.

  • Beach Party! ~ Old Man

  • Dyscrasia ~ Plague Doctor Voice 'Sanguine'

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Kelsey is a recent Ball State University graduate on her way to Chicago to pursue acting both on the stage and on the screen! Kelsey has been seen in a multitude of onscreen roles ranging from an imaginary friend to a serial killer, she loves performing and teaching Shakespeare, and has also done narration for the Ball State Centennial Documentary as well as for a program at the Charles W. Brown Planetarium. For more information about Kelsey and to view her resume and contact information, please visit her website.

  • It's Right There ~ Jess

  • Beach Party! ~ Goth Chick

  • Eat The Brain, Raymond ~ Jen

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Nate Shumate is a classically trained actor having studied in Ball State University's Department of Theatre and Dance. During his time there he performed a number of lead roles leading to a nomination for the Irene Ryan Award. For his final stage performance at BSU, Nate took on the lead role in a new-work musical, Bunkerville. Since, Nate has enjoyed leads in award winning shorts as well as a feature film, Stage 5, for which he won 'Best Actor' in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time with PMC and is anxious for future projects.  

  • Tryst ~ Tom

  • Beach Party! ~ Loner



Sean Orlosky was used to a humdrum existence as an administrative assistant/skydiver/party clown-for-hire, until Jac Kessler took him away from all that. Now, Sean enjoys the infinitely more enriching and stable existence of being a Kessler punching bag, where every umbrella tossed at him is a badge of honor.


Sean grew up on the movies of Golden Age Hollywood and a steady diet of the great American plays of the twentieth century, taking plenty of scenic detours along the way for cheesy sitcoms. All of these influences have shaped Sean’s eclectic thespian résumé. He’s played romantic leads, second bananas, heavies and pushovers, heroes and villains, larger than life and everyday Joes. His stage work encompasses William Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett and David Mamet, and he has also performed extensive voice-over work for radio. Sean derives plenty of fun and satisfaction from seeking new challenges as an actor, and he is delighted to be part of the team of talented individuals making up Pale Moonlight Cinema.

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  • Tryst ~ Douglas

  • Bille and The Man ~ The Man

  • Dyscrasia ~ Plague Doctor Voice 'Phlegmatic'




Kelly Figley recently graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Theatre and Telecommunications. Originally from Roselle, IL, Kelly moved back to the Chicago area after graduation. She is incredibly grateful to have starred as Sarah in Hinterland and also to have worked behind the camera as an Assistant Director and Producer for other Pale Moonlight Cinema projects. She loves being able to tell stories, whether that be on stage or on screen and is always looking forward to more opportunities to do so. For more information about Kelly and to view her resume and contact information, please visit her website:

  • Hinterland ~ Sarah

  • Beach Party! ~ Popular Chick

  • Sweet Tooth ~ Jill

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Layke has acted in Eat The Brain Raymond and Beach Party for PMC.

Layke Fowler
  • Beach Party! ~ Nerd

  • Eat the Brain, Raymond ~ Raymond



Taylor Watkins was born and raised in Sidney Ohio. He attended college at Ball State University where he graduated with a degree in Theatre. He worked for two years as the Technical Director for Think! Dog Productions at the Pub Theater and appeared in the occasional play at Muncie Civic Theater. Watkins was very involved in both the theatre and film communities at college and appeared in over 20 student films. Watkins was featured in the Pale Moonlight's film Dyscrasia where he played the role of the Plague Doctor. Most recently he can be seen in the film Beach Party where he acted in the role of the Jock. He currently resides in Columbus Ohio where he works as a Renovation Specialist for Coastal Ridge Real Estate.

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  • Beach Party! ~ Jock

  • Dyscrasia ~ Plague Doctor 




Barry is an actor form Muncie, Indiana. He has been in several plays with Think! Dog Productions at the Pub Theater, and has even dabbled in acting in films. He's old and weird but basically harmless.

  • Dyscrasia ~ Plague Doctor Voice 'Melancholic'




Alex Westrick is a recent graduate of Ball State's Department of Theatre as well as the Department of Telecommunications. While most of his time is spent in the writing room or behind the camera he is no stranger to acting for stage and screen having performed in productions both domestic and abroad. Most recently he has enjoyed working with the minds of PMC, playing 'Ash' in the award winning short 'Hinterland' and 'Death' in an upcoming promo. His headshots may be nothing to shake a stick at, but his acting chops sure as hell are.

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Alex Westrick
  • Beach Party! ~ Jock's Best Friend

  • Hinterland ~ Ashley

  • It's Right There ~ Boyfriend




Bridget Murray is an actor based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is known at PMC for her role of Sia in Dyscrasia, which gained her nominations for Best Actress at the Horror Hound Film Festival and Best Female Actor at the End of Days Film Festival. A recent graduate from Indiana University’s theatre program, Bridget has been featured in a number of student films and series including IUSTV’s The Charlatan and IU Themester’s remake of The Twilight Zone. Bridget also has experience behind the camera, working as a Production Assistant on season 2 of IFC’s series Stan Against Evil starring John C. McGinley. She plans to move to Los Angeles, California this fall.

  • Dyscrasia ~ Sia



Mia has dabbled in theatre acting for half her life, playing roles such as Belinda in Noises Off! and Grazia in Death Takes a Holiday. With additional experience in black box horror theatre, acting in front of a camera was not so spooky after all! 

...Or maybe she's the scary one?

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  • Beach Party! ~ Stoner

  • Full Moon ~ Lady

  • Tryst ~ Mickie

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Kessler is a werewolf. He doesn't act. 

  • Full Moon~ Man

  • Dyscrasia ~ Plague Doctor Voice 'Choleric'

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John Parker



This is John Parker and contrary to popular belief he's actually a caveman. We found him in a cave during one of our film shoots frozen in ice. We took him home to thaw him out and we've been teaching him things about the modern world. When he saw the movie Pretty Woman he decided to get a career in the movie industry so he too could be the next Julia . We wrote this for him...because he can not write. He is a caveman.

  • Beach Party! ~ Goofy Guy

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Jacob Butler is a freelance cinematographer and actor based in Indianapolis, IN. After graduating from Ball State University with a degree in video production, Jacob moved to Indianapolis where he worked with a video production company for two years and was a cinematographer on the feature documentary Finding Hygge. Jacob is also known for his roles on stage around Indianapolis including Quasimodo in the Indiana premiere of The Hunchback of Notre Dame with BOBDIREX. He will be on stage at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre this fall as the Padre in The Man of La Mancha. For more on Jacob, visit his website:

Jacob Butler
  • Beach Party! ~ Headbanger

  • Sweet Tooth ~ Tom

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Morgan Fuller



With a flare for the dramatic, yet an oddly shy (at first) personality, who better to play the Blonde Virgin in the very crazy and hysterical short, Beach Party. Making her film debut, Morgan Fuller stepped out from behind the scenes into the front row of a REDACTED filled van. She has dabbled in musical productions such as Annie Get Your Gun and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, yet she is more likely to be found behind the camera running around as an AC. 

  • Beach Party! ~ Virgin




Keep up with Erin over at her website, here.

Erin Oechsel
  • Tryst ~ Voice of Fetish Finder

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